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Why your business needs a professional website

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If you're a small business owner not sure if you need a website, I can assure you, you do. Not only do you need one, you need one that stands out amongst the google search, you need one that is professionally designed, sales increasing and brand exposing.

The yellow pages used to be the go to place for business directories, that's changed now with the digital age we live in. In 2019 it was estimated that 91% of the adult UK population jumped online of which 30% would not consider a business that was without a website - That's a lot of business to lose!

Personally, a website is the first place I go to when researching a business, if the website looks old and dated or lacks functionality I tend to give it a miss and continue looking at other businesses, this is a common trend and one you want to avoid.

You need a website regardless of the industry you serve. Having a well designed and marketed website is proven to boost revenue and increase your brand's growth which in turn makes you more successful, and hey, whats what were all here for isn't it!

Even if most of your sales and marketing is on social media, a website is still needed, its the foundation of all business enquiries. Not all web users are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc but ALL web users use google. It's getting harder and more expensive for businesses to advertise and connect with customers on social platforms, not to mention statistics show the popularity of Facebook users is diminishing.

Many small business owners don't feel their business is big enough or have the funds for a website. This is wrong & commercially dangerous! Your website is the most important & powerful marketing asset you could have. Not to mention building a website doesn't need to be expensive, the average cost of an informational/static website in the UK ranges from £200 - £2000.

Even if your business is performing well you still need a professional website, there's no questioning it. A website doesn’t need to be built for the sole purpose of gaining new custom. Looking up directions, opening times, services, menus etc on phones or tablets while potential customers are on the go is very common. What if they’re in a hurry and want to order quickly and leave? What if they want to know your hours and can’t make a phone call or access social media? A good website will answer the basics immediately.

You can add an online reservation, appointments & orders to your website. You can build an online community with blogs and media. You can become not only a local favourite but gain popularity nationwide. What a website can do to boost your popularity and accessibility is endless. You may be busy now, and that's great, but get your foot in the world wide web door as with how quickly technology and customers use of technology, evolves you never know what the future will bring.


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