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What's SEO and why it's important to your website

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is the number one most important process after publishing to get your website at the top of the search engines listings.

You can probably guess from the name what it does... it optimises your website to appear in search engine and social media listings. There is a catch though, the better your SEO the higher up the rankings you go.

So how does SEO work? Search engines like google continuously crawl the web for metadata, tags, keywords, traffic quality, user data, business listings and much more. It then ranks each site on the findings, the better and more accurate the data is to your industry the more likely you'll be found in generic search such as "restaurants near me".

The one important thing to remember is the algorithms that rank each site are continuously evolving meaning your sites SEO need constant monitoring and updating. This can be a laborious task which is why many people prefer to hire companies like us to manage it on their behalf.

It's very important that SEO is considered for the whole website long before the domain is even purchased, this way you can ensure that the correct data is included in every text, link, tag and image. If you don't consider this you'll be way too far down the pecking order of a google search to be found by potential customers. 67% of google users only click on the top 5 search engine results page (SERP) and 95% of all internet traffic is driven by the first page of SERP. That is why its soo important to be on that page!

SEO is not an easy job, it is often overlooked by web DIY'ers & inexperienced designers whereas it should be one of the main focal points when building and maintaining a website. Companies that pay attention to their search engine optimisation will find that in return, users will notice their website links, leading to higher click rates, greater visibility in the SERPs, and more customers.


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